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User Account Registration

First half of steps for user account registration

First we ask you to open EasyChair for MMR2015 with your web browser and register your user account on EasyChair. The user account on this site is managed by EasyChair, a conference management system, and is not involved with any commercial activities.

Please click the link “create an account” if you do not have your account on EasyChair.

You will be asked to type the characters to prove that you are a human being and that you are not an automatic internet robot.

If your typing is correct, you will be asked to submit your full name and your email address, twice.

Then an email will be sent to your address submitted by yourself.

Second half of steps for user account registration

By clicking a link in the email address you will receive, you will open a new window or a tab with the following contents. Please fill the cells with asterisks to finish your user registration process.

If you type a user name which has been taken by someone else, the following message will be displayed. Since EasyChair account is not only for MMR 2015 but also for other conferences, we are sorry if there is no user name which is of your favourite.

Paper Submission

When you intend to submit an extended abstract to MMR 2015 Program Committee, you are asked to do so via EasyChair for MMR2015. Please log in to EasyChair for MMR2015 and click “New Submission” on the screen.

Then a long form is shown for a new paper submission. Please fill the author information.

If your paper has more than three authors, you can add more authors by clicking “Click here to add more authors”.

Then you are asked to input the title and abstract of your paper. Please just copy the corresponding information from your extended abstract.

You are also asked to submit the keywords.

Finally please specify the PDF file of your extended abstract and click “Submit.” When the uploading is finished successfully, your submission process is complete.

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