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The Memorial Sessions in Honor of Professor Moshe Shaked

Moshe Shaked (1945-2014) was a world leader in stochastic orders and distribution theory. His book on stochastic orders, coauthored with George Shanthikumar, has been very influential for people who study and use comparison methods in their research and teaching in probability, statistics, operation research, management science, economics, risk analysis, and various other fields. This session pays tribute to Moshe Shaked as a scholar, a mentor and a great friend.

List of Invited Speakers:

  1. Moshe Shaked’s excess wealth: A pathway to prosperity (Nozer Singpurwalla, the City University of Hong Kong).
  2. Moshe Shaked and game theory (Marco Scarsini, LUISS Guido Carli)
  3. Between first and second-order stochastic dominance (Alfred Muller, Universität Siegen)

After general presentations, several short memorial speeches given by

  1. Franco Pellerey, Politecnico di Torino
  2. Ushio Sumita, University of Tsukuba
  3. Maochao Xu, Illinois State University

(More short memorial speeches if time permits.)  This session is organised by Prof. Haijun Li and Marco Scarsini and is scheduled in the afternoon of June 2, 2015.

Special Registration Fee

The registration fee for this session only is JPY10000. Please drop yourself at the registration desk and pay by cash at the on Tuesday. If you mail to in advance, it will be greatly appreciated.

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