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Scientific Program

MMR 2015 Executive Committee formally announce the Time Table of Ninth International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability and also the Program Details. Individual presentations are listed in Program Details, while the schedule of each session can be confirmed with Time Table.

We note that the session id is labeled as “Day”-“Room”-“Timezone”.

Day1=June 1st, 2=June 2nd, 3=June 3rd, 4=June 4th
Timezone (for June 1st)1 only
Timezone (for June 2nd-4th)1 and 2 in the morning, 3 and 4 in the afternoon


June 1st

2015/06/01 Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G
13:00 13:45 Opening Ceremony
13:45 15:15 Keynote 1 & 2
Reliability in the 21st Century, William Q. Meeker
Some Inferential Issues for One-Shot Device Testing, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Coffee Break
15:45 17:15 Invited 1A1 Invited 1B1 Invited 1C1 Invited 1D1 Invited 1E1 Invited 1F1 Invited 1G1
Inequalities for Order Statistics and System Lifetimes

Tomasz Rychlik
Modeling and Analysis of Degradation Data

William Q. Meeker
Software System Reliability

Tadashi Dohi
Prognostic and Health Management (PHM)

Ming-Jian Zuo and Zhiliang Liu
【Zhiliang Liu】
Maintenance Modeling

Min Xie
Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability

Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
【Anatoly Lisnianski】
Advanced Maintenance Strategy

Yisha Xiang and Nan Chen
【Yisha Xiang】
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G

June 2nd

2015/06/02 Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G
08:30 10:00 Keynote 3 & 4
Survival and Quality of Life in the 21st century, Catherine Huber
Statistics, Science and Technology, Jerry Lawless
10:20 11:20 Contributed 2A1 Contributed 2B1 Contributed 2C1 Contributed 2D1 Contributed 2E1 Contributed 2F1 Contributed 2G1
Stochastic Aging
63, 24, 82

【Carmen Sangüesa】
Lifetime Data Analysis
19, 44, 76

【Laurent Doyen】
k-out-of-n Systems
16, 66, 73

【Hisashi Yamamoto】
Maintenance/Repair Models
94, 99, 106

【Bermawi P. Iskandar】
Stochastic Processes in Reliability
18, 20, 31

【Mario Hellmich】
Accelerated Life Testing
10, 107, 112

【Hong-Zhong Huang】
47, 74

【Mitsuhiro Kimura】
11:30 12:30 Contributed 2A2 Contributed 2B2 Contributed 2C2 Contributed 2D2 Contributed 2E2 Contributed 2F2 Contributed 2G2
Statistical Inference
8, 9, 89

【Uwe Jensen】
Order Statistics/Statistical Quality Control
28, 55, 101

Felix Belzunce】
System Reliability
6, 77, 104

【Femin Yalcin Gulec】
Decision Making in Reliability
14, 33, 34

【Kevin James Wilson】
Maintenance Models
39, 51, 81

【Christophe Berenguer】
Repair Models
40, 41, 45

【Franck Corset】
Statistical Machine Learning and Its Applications
17, 92

【Philippe Saint Pierre】
13:30 15:00 Invited 2A3 Invited 2B3 Invited 2C3 Invited 2D3 Invited 2E3 Invited 2F3 Invited 2G3
Memorial Session in Honor of Moshe Shaked

Haijun Li and Marco Scarsini
【Haijun Li】
Bayesian Methods for Complex System Reliability

Alyson G. Wilson
System Reliability and Life Testing

Bo Henry Lindqvist
Network Reliability Analysis

Ming-Jian Zuo
Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability Systems

Vladimir Rykov
Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability

Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
【Gregory Levitin】
Statistical Innovations in Failure Time Modeling of Complex Systems

Ananda Sen
Coffee Break
15:30 17:00 Invited 2A4 Invited 2B4 Invited 2C4 Invited 2D4 Invited 2E4 Invited 2F4 Invited 2G4
Stochastic Dependence in Reliability

Maochao Xu
Bayesian Reliability inference and Warranty Predictions

Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
New Approaches in Reliability Estimation and Diagnostic Testing

Bo Henry Lindqvist
Online Monitoring

Kazuyuki Suzuki
Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability Systems

Vladimir Rykov
【Dmitry Efrosin】
Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability

Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
【Lev Khvatskin】
Advanced Topics in Importance Measures for System Reliability

Xiaoyan Zhu
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G

June 3rd

2015/06/03 Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G
08:30 10:00 Invited 3A1 Invited 3B1 Invited 3C1 Invited 3D1 Invited 3E1 Invited 3F1 Invited 3G1
Stochastic Orders in Reliability Theory

Maochao Xu
【Peng Zhao】
Censoring Methodology and Associated Inferential Results

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
【Ping Shing Chan】
Software System Reliability

Tadashi Dohi
【Xiao Xiao】
Analysis of Imperfect Reliability and Survival Data

Hon Keung Tony Ng
【Man-Ho Ling】
Maintenance Modeling

Tetsushi Yuge
Aging and Maintenance in Technical and Biological Systems

Maxim Finkelstein
Theory and Methods for System Reliability

Lirong Cui
Coffee Break
10:30 12:30 Invited 3A2 Invited 3B2 Invited 3C2 Invited 3D2 Invited 3E2 Invited 3F2 Invited 3G2
Lifetime Data Analysis

Mei-Ling Ting Lee
【Shu-Hui Chang】
Computational Methods in Reliability

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
【Chien-Tai Lin】
Software System Reliability

Tadashi Dohi \\【Hiroyuki Okamura】
Deterioration Models

Sophie Mercier
Maintenance Modeling

Tetsushi Yuge
【Mingchih Chen】
Decision Making in Reliability
1, 3, 53, 86, 25

【Cheng-Ta Yeh and Nasser Hassan Abosaq】
System Reliability
11, 13, 42, 46, 96, 116

【Annamraju Syamsundar and Yasuhiro Tsujimura】
13:30 20:30 Excursion
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G

June 4th

2015/06/04 Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G
08:30 10:00 Invited 4A1 Invited 4B1 Invited 4C1 Invited 4D1 Invited 4E1 Invited 4F1 Invited 4G1
Warranty Data Analysis

Stefanka Chukova and Yu Hayakawa
【Yu Hayakawa】
Structural Reliability and Aging Properties of Reliability Systems

Markos V. Koutras
Software System Reliability

Tadashi Dohi
【Mitsuhiro Kimura】
Analysis of Imperfect Reliability and Survival Data

Hon Keung Tony Ng
Determining Reliability in Complex Engineered Systems

Tim Bedford
Repairable Systems

Paul Kvam and Vasiliy Krivtsov
【Paul Kvam】
Optimization Methods in Systems Reliability Theory

Hisashi Yamamoto and Won Young Yun
【Won Young Yun】
Coffee Break
10:30 11:15 Keynote 5
Reliability Big Data for Quality Assurance, Kazuyuki Suzuki
11:15 11:30 Closing Ceremony
Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G

Program Details

June 1st 15:45-17:15

Session ID 1A1(11)
Invited Session Inequalities for Order Statistics and System Lifetimes
Organizer Tomasz Rychlik
Chair Tomasz Rychlik
Author(s) Agnieszka Goroncy and Tomasz Rychlik
Title Bounds on the Expected Differences of Consecutive Order Statistics Based on the Increasing Failure Rate Samples
Author(s) Mariusz Bieniek
Title Optimal Bounds on Total Time on Test for Distributions with Decreasing Density or Failure Rate
Author(s) Patryk Miziuła
Title Moment Comparison of Ordered Mixtures, with Applications in Reliability Theory
Session ID 1B1(16)
Invited Session Modeling and Analysis of Degradation Data
Organizer William Q. Meeker
Chair William Q. Meeker
Author(s) Houda Ghamlouch, Mitra Fouladirad, and Antoine Grall
Title Residual Lifetime Estimation and Stochastic Volatility: A Case Study
Author(s) Chien-Yu Peng and Hsueh-Fang Ai
Title A Study of Degradation Data with Measurement Errors
Author(s) Yili Hong and Jie Li
Title Spatio-temporal Modeling of Degradation Data Collected Over a Spatial Region
Session ID 1C1(29)
Invited Session Software System Reliability I
Organizer Tadashi Dohi
Chair Tadashi Dohi
Author(s) Hiroyuki Okamura and Tadashi Dohi
Title A Note on Variational Bayes Approach for Software Reliability Growth Model with Normal Distribution
Author(s) Yasuhiro Saito and Tadashi Dohi
Title Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator with Software Fault Count Data
Author(s) Xiao Xiao
Title Haar Wavelet Regression Model for NHPP-based Software Reliability Assessment
Session ID 1D1(24)
Invited Session Prognostic and Health Management (PHM)
Organizer Ming-Jian Zuo and Zhiliang Liu
Chair Zhiliang Liu
Author(s) Yaguo Lei, Naipeng Li, and Jing Lin
Title Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Rolling Element Bearings Based on the Exponential Model Combination with Particle Filtering
Author(s) Xiaowang Chen, Zhipeng Feng, and Ming Liang
Title Application of Synchrosqueezing Transform to Planetary Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Under Nonstationary Conditions
Author(s) Zhiliang Liu, Siyu Lei, Ming-Jian Zuo, Yong Qin, and Xinglin Li
Title Feature Ranking Based on Multi-metric Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis
Session ID 1E1(13)
Invited Session Maintenance Modeling I
Organizer Min Xie
Chair Min Xie
Author(s) Laurent Doyen, Olivier Gaudoin, and Syamsundar Annamraju
Title On Geometric Reduction of Age or Intensity Models for Imperfect Maintenance
Author(s) Bin Liu, Ruey-Huei Yeh, and Way Kuo
Title Inspection Scheduling for Multi-component Systems with Hidden Failures
Author(s) Mitra Fouladirad, Christian Paroissin, and Antoine Grall
Title Sensitivity Analysis for the Block Replacement Policy
Session ID 1F1(17)
Invited Session Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability I
Organizer Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
Chair Anatoly Lisnianski
Author(s) Yan-Hui Lin, Yan-Fu Li, and Enrico Zio
Title Reliability Analysis of Systems with Multiple Dependent Competing Degradation Processes
Author(s) Shey-Huei Sheu, Chin-Chih Chang, and Zhe George Zhang
Title Optimal Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Policy for a Multi-state System with Minimal Repair and Effective Age
Author(s) Anatoly Lisnianski and Ilia Frenkel
Title On Sensitivity Analysis for Multi-state System by Using Lz-transform
Session ID 1G1(1)
Invited Session Advanced Maintenance Strategy
Organizer Yisha Xiang and Nan Chen
Chair Yisha Xiang
Author(s) Nan Chen, Zhisheng Ye, Yisha Xiang, and Linmiao Zhang
Title Condition-based Maintenance Using the Inverse Gaussian Degradation Model
Author(s) Jan Bredlich, Yisha Xiang, Tongdan Jin, and Edward Pohl
Title Joint Planning for Preventive Maintenance and Multi-echelon Stocking
Author(s) Chao Fang
Title Risk Clustering and Importance Ranking in Engineering Projects

June 2nd

Room A

Session ID 2A1(I-11)
Contributed Session Stochastic Aging
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Carmen Sangüesa
Author(s) Antonio Gómez-Arriaza, Félix Belzunce, Julio Mulero, and Alfonso Suárez-Llorens
Title On a New Definition of the Multivariate IFR Notion Based on the Standard Construction
Author(s) Francisco Germán Badía and Carmen Sangüesa
Title Negative Ageing Properties for Counting Processes Arising in Virtual Age Models
Author(s) Hai Ha Pham and Sophie Mercier
Title A Bivariate Failure Time Model, with Dependence due to Shocks and Mixed Effect
Session ID 2A2(II-1)
Contributed Session Statistical Inference
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Uwe Jensen
Author(s) Beiqing Gu, Xiaoling Xu, and Ronghua Wang
Title Statistical Analysis of Geometric Distribution for Masked Data
Author(s) Maurizio Guida, Fabio Postiglione, and Gianpaolo Pulcini
Title A Bayesian Estimation Procedure for the Non-homogeneous Gamma Process
Author(s) Uwe Jensen, Hong Chen, Maik Döring, Sebastian Bobrowski, and Wolfgang Schinköthe
Title Reliability Prediction Using Regression Models
Session ID 2A3(40)
Invited Session Memorial Session in Honor of Moshe Shaked
Organizer Haijun Li and Marco Scarsini
Chair Haijun Li
Author(s) Nozer Singpurwalla
Title Moshe Shaked's Excess Wealth: A Pathway to Prosperity
Author(s) Marco Scarsini
Title Moshe Shaked and Game Theory
Author(s) Alfred Muller
Title Between First and Second-order Stochastic Dominance
Session ID 2A4(34)
Invited Session Stochastic Dependence in Reliability
Organizer Maochao Xu
Chair Maochao Xu
Author(s) Maochao Xu, Gaofeng Da, and Shouhuai Xu
Title Cyber Epidemic Models with Dependences
Author(s) Franco Pellerey, Saeed Zalzadeh, Félix Belzunce, and Carolina Martínez-Riquelme
Title Standard Stochastic Orders and Joint Stochastic Orders: Conditions on Survival Copulas for Mutual Relationships
Author(s) Jorge Navarro
Title Comparisons of Residual Lifetimes of Coherent Systems Under Dependence

Room B

Session ID 2B1(II-2)
Contributed Session Lifetime Data Analysis
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Laurent Doyen
Author(s) Eric Beutner, Laurent Bordes, and Laurent Doyen
Title Failure of the Profile Likelihood Method for Semi-parametric Virtual Age Models
Author(s) Ren Yan Jiang
Title A Two-fold Mixed Power-law Model with a Time-varying Mixture Proportion for Modeling Failure Intensity
Author(s) Félix Belzunce, Carolina Martínez-Riquelme, Franco Pellerey, and Saeed Zalzadeh
Title Comparison of Residual Lives for Dependent Random Variables
Session ID 2B2(II-4)
Contributed Session Order Statistics/Statistical Quality Control
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Félix Belzunce
Author(s) Félix Belzunce, Carolina Martínez-Riquelme, and José M. Ruiz
Title Stochastic Comparisons of Relative Spacings with Applications in Reliability
Author(s) Pawel Marcin Kozyra and Tomasz Rychlik
Title Optimal Evaluations of Expected L-statistics Gauged in the Gini Mean Difference Units
Author(s) Withdrawn
Title Withdrawn
Session ID 2B3(6)
Invited Session Bayesian Methods for Complex System Reliability
Organizer Alyson G. Wilson
Chair Alyson G. Wilson
Author(s) C. Shane Reese
Title A Hierarchical Model for the Reliability of Complex Multi-component Systems
Author(s) Kassandra M. Fronczyk, Rebecca M. Dickinson, Alyson G. Wilson, Caleb S. Browning, and Laura J. Freeman
Title Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Common Components Across Multiple System Configurations
Author(s) Caleb S. Browning, Laura J. Freeman, Alyson G. Wilson, Rebecca M. Dickinson, and Kassandra M. Fronczyk
Title Estimating System Reliability from Heterogeneous Data
Session ID 2B4(7)
Invited Session Bayesian Reliability Inference and Warranty Predictions
Organizer Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
Chair Sheng-Tsaing Tseng
Author(s) Tsai-Hung Fan and Cian-Hui Chen
Title A Bayesian Reliability Analysis Under Gamma Step-stress Accelerated Degradation Process
Author(s) Yincai Tang and Pingping Wang
Title Bayesian Inference for Degradation Data with One Change Point
Author(s) Shun-Lin Jeng
Title Failure Predictions for the Warranty Analysis Utilizing the Historical Data of Similar Products
Author(s) Sheng-Tsaing Tseng and Nan-Jung Hsu
Title Combined Inference of Laboratory and Field Data with Application to Warranty Prediction for Highly-reliable Products

Room C

Session ID 2C1(I-2)
Contributed Session k-out-of-n Systems
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Hisashi Yamamoto
Author(s) Huan Yu, Jun Yang, and Yu Zhao
Title Circular Multi-state Consecutively-connected Systems with Dual Constraints of m Consecutive Gaps and n Total Gaps
Author(s) Cihangir Kan
Title A Note on Circular m-consecutive-k, l-out-of-n: F Systems
Author(s) Taishin Nakamura, Tomoaki Akiba, Xiao Xiao, and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title A Study on Closed Formulae for Connected-(r, s)-out-of-(m, n): F Lattice System
Session ID 2C2(II-3)
Contributed Session System Reliability
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Femin Yalcin Gulec
Author(s) Wenjun Gong and Yunxia Chen
Title Reliability of Multi-state Systems Considering Conditional Cascading Failure Mechanism
Author(s) Ceki Franko and Femin Yalcin
Title Signatures of Some Systems Consisting of Non-Disjoint Modules
Author(s) Ionescu Dorina Romina, Nicolae Brinzei, and Jean-François Petin
Title Modular Approach for Dependability and Reliability Assessment of Complex Systems
Session ID 2C3(36)
Invited Session System Reliability and Life Testing
Organizer Bo Henry Lindqvist
Chair Bo Henry Lindqvist
Author(s) Francisco J. Samaniego and Jorge Navarro
Title On Comparing Systems with Heterogeneous Components via Survival Signatures
Author(s) Jorge Navarro and Francisco J. Samaniego
Title Comparing Systems by Distortion Functions
Author(s) Jan Terje Kvaløy, Bo Henry Lindqvist, and Stein Aaserud
Title Residuals and Functional Form in Accelerated Life Regression Models
Session ID 2C4(21)
Invited Session New Approaches in Reliability Estimation and Diagnostic Testing
Organizer Bo Henry Lindqvist
Chair Bo Henry Lindqvist
Author(s) Paul Kvam and Jye-Chyi Lu
Title An Extended Skill Test for Disease Diagnosis Based on the Receiver Operator Characteristic
Author(s) Ananda Sen and Anupap Somboonsavatdee
Title Recurrent Events Under Dependent Competing Risks and Missing Cause of Failure
Author(s) Vaclav Slimacek and Bo Henry Lindqvist
Title Non-homogeneous Poisson Process with Nonparametric Frailty and Covariates

Room D

Session ID 2D1(I-10)
Contributed Session Maintenance/Repair Models
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Bermawi P. Iskandar
Author(s) Hennie Husniah, Udjianna S. Pasaribu, Andi Cakravastia, and Bermawi P. Iskandar
Title Maintenance Contract with Dynamic Operating Conditions
Author(s) Richard Arnold, Stefanka Chukova, and Yu Hayakawa
Title Warranty Cost Analysis: Increasing Warranty Repair Times
Author(s) Yves Langeron, Mitra Fouladirad, and Antoine Grall
Title Controlled Systems, Failure Prediction and Maintenance
Session ID 2D2(I-6)
Contributed Session Decision Making in Reliability
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Kevin James Wilson
Author(s) Kevin Wilson and John Quigley
Title Sequencing Reliability Growth Tasks Using Multiattribute Utility Functions
Author(s) Qingqing Zhai, Jun Yang, Rui Peng, and Yu Zhao
Title Reliability Evaluation of Warm Standby Systems Based on Multivalued Decision Diagram - An Automatic Approach
Author(s) Dong Wang, Ping Jiang, and Bo Guo
Title Involvement of Dependency Uncertainties in Fault Tree Analysis Using Hybrid Approach
Session ID 2D3(20)
Invited Session Network Reliability Analysis
Organizer Ming-Jian Zuo
Chair Ming-Jian Zuo
Author(s) Ding-Hsiang Huang and Yi-Kuei Lin
Title Demand Satisfaction of a Hybrid Flow-shop with Completion Time Consideration
Author(s) Wei-Chang Yeh, Yi-Yun Chang, and Chyh-Ming Lai
Title A Simple Path-based Algorithm for Evaluating the Reliability of a Deteriorated Multi-state Flow Network
Author(s) Guanghan Bai, Zhigang Tian, and Ming-Jian Zuo
Title An Improved Algorithm for Searching for Minimal Paths in Two-terminal Networks
Session ID 2D4(22)
Invited Session Online Monitoring
Organizer Kazuyuki Suzuki
Chair Kazuyuki Suzuki
Author(s) Yili Hong
Title Using Degradation Data with Dynamic Covariates to Do Online Monitoring
Author(s) Watalu Yamamoto
Title Time Scales for Online Monitoring Data
Author(s) Lu Jin and R. P. D. J. Rajapaksha
Title Optimal Decision Policy for Deteriorating Systems with On-line Monitoring in a Varying Environment Under Selectable Operations

Room E

Session ID 2E1(I-1)
Contributed Session Stochastic Processes in Reliability
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Mario Hellmich
Author(s) Zeina Al Masry, Sophie Mercier, and Ghislain Verdier
Title Simulation Techniques and Approximated Distribution of an Extended Gamma Process
Author(s) Mario Hellmich
Title Generalized Markov Processes for Systems with Periodic Surveillance Testing and Monte Carlo Simulation
Author(s) Fei Sun, Tongdan Jin, and Yi Ding
Title Modeling Aggregate Fleet Renewals with Uncertain System Installation Times
Session ID 2E2(I-8)
Contributed Session Maintenance Models
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Christophe Berenguer
Author(s) Zhijun Cheng, Yaning Qiao, and Bo Guo
Title Imperfect Maintenance Model of Pavement Based on Markov Decision Process
Author(s) Hiroshi Shida, Hirofumi Oogushi, Yoshinobu Higami, Hirohisa Aman, and Hiroshi Takahashi
Title A Proposal of Maintenance Cost Model of Track Circuits
Author(s) Romain Lesobre, Keomany Bouvard, Christophe Berenguer, Vincent Cocquempot, and Anne Barros
Title A Design Approach for MFOP-based Maintenance Policy of Multicomponent Systems
Session ID 2E3(27)
Invited Session Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability Systems I
Organizer Vladimir Rykov
Chair Vladimir Rykov
Author(s) Boyan Dimitrov and Sahib Esa
Title On the Local Dependence Structure in Politics and in Reliability Distributions
Author(s) Vladimir Rykov and Victor Itkin
Title On Sensitivity of Reliability Systems Operating in Random Environment to Shape of Their Input Distributions
Author(s) Dmitry Efrosinin, Janos Sztrik, and Mais Farkhadov
Title Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of an Aging Unit with a Hysteresis Policy for the Repair Facility Activation
Session ID 2E4(28)
Invited Session Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability Systems II
Organizer Vladimir Rykov
Chair Dmitry Efrosinin
Author(s) Mikhail Sukharev
Title Reliability Indices Estimation of Pipeline Networks
Author(s) Oleg Abramov and Dmitry Nazarov
Title Application of Regions of Acceptability for Sensitivity Analysis
Author(s) Igor Gurevich and Mais Farkhadov
Title Investigation Characteristics and Properties of Queueing Networks to Provide Their Sustainability

Room F

Session ID 2F1(II-3)
Contributed Session Accelerated Life Testing
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Hong-Zhong Huang
Author(s) Xiaoling Xu, Ronghua Wang, and Beiqing Gu
Title Statistical Analysis of Type-I Censored Masked Data for Series System Under Process-stress Accelerated Life Test
Author(s) Yi-Chao Yin, Chenggeng Huang, Yuan-Jian Yang, Yu Liu, and Hong-Zhong Huang
Title A Life Prediction Method for High-speed Impellers via Accelerated Life Tests
Author(s) Guo-Zhong Fu, Hong-Zhong Huang, Yan-Feng Li, Yuan-Jian Yang, and Yi-Chao Yin
Title A Service Life Estimation Method for Offshore Electronic Control Module Based on Salt Spray Test
Session ID 2F2(I-9)
Contributed Session Repair Models
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Franck Corset
Author(s) Nicolas Bousquet and Franck Corset
Title Exploring the Consistency of Maximum Likelihood Estimator of Imperfect Repair ARA_1 Models Computed from a Single Trajectory
Author(s) Franck Corset and Yann Dijoux
Title A Better-than-new Repair Model
Author(s) Ren Yan Jiang
Title An Approximation to Mean Time to the Next Failure for Repairable Systems
Session ID 2F3(18)
Invited Session Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability II
Organizer Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
Chair Gregory Levitin
Author(s) Gregory Levitin and Liudong Xing
Title State-space Event Transition Method for Evaluating Mission Reliability, Time and Cost
Author(s) Fumio Ohi
Title Stochastic Evaluation Methods of Multi-state Systems via Modular Decompositions - A Case of Partially Ordered States -
Author(s) Ping-Chen Chang, Lance Fiondella, and Yi-Kuei Lin
Title Confidence-based Reliability Modeling of a Stochastic-flow Production System
Session ID 2F4(19)
Invited Session Multi-state and Continuous-state System Reliability Ⅲ
Organizer Anatoly Lisnianski and Gregory Levitin
Chair Lev Khvatskin
Author(s) Chaonan Wang, Liudong Xing, and Rui Peng
Title Competing Failure Analysis in Phased-mission Systems with Global and Selective Propagation Effects
Author(s) Mu-Xia Sun, Yan-Fu Li, and Enrico Zio
Title A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Multi-state Series Parallel System Availability Evaluation
Author(s) Tian Zhang, Rui Peng, Wenbin Wang, Qingqing Zhai, and Yi Ding
Title Optimal Inspection and Maintenance of Systems Subject to Two Types of Failures
Author(s) Lev Khvatskin, Ilia Frenkel, and Anatoly Lisnianski
Title Importance Assesment of Aging Multi-state Water Cooling System by LZ-transform Method

Room G

Session ID 2G1(I-5)
Contributed Session Optimization
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Mitsuhiro Kimura
Author(s) Hailong Jing, Yunxia Chen, and Rui Kang
Title Optimization Method for Acceleration Factor Under Multiple Stresses and Failure Mechanisms
Author(s) Wei-Chun Hung, Pin-Wei Chiang, Ruey-Huei Yeh, Hui-Syuan Huang, and Wen Liang Chang
Title A Study of Replacement Policy of Second-hand Products Under a Finite Planning Horizon
Session ID 2G2(III-1)
Contributed Session Statistical Machine Learning and Its Applications
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Philippe Saint Pierre
Author(s) Hassane Chraibi, Aurelie Leger, Herve Barthomeuf, and Coraline Neiss
Title GASPART, A New Method and Tool for Reliability Assessments of Gated Spillway Systems
Author(s) Baptiste Gregorutti, Bertrand Michel, and Philippe Saint-Pierre
Title Random Forest Permutation Importance and Multivariate Functional Regression
Session ID 2G3(33)
Invited Session Statistical Innovations in Failure Time Modeling of Complex Systems
Organizer Ananda Sen
Chair Ananda Sen
Author(s) Sanjib Basu
Title Competing Risks Limited Failure Models: Identifiability Issues and Model Fitting
Author(s) Paduthol. G. Sankaran
Title Modeling and Analysis of Lifetime Data Using Quantile Function
Author(s) Fotios S. Milienos, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, and Markos V. Koutras
Title Semi-parametric Inference for Cure Rate Models
Session ID 2G4(2)
Invited Session Advanced Topics in Importance Measures for System Reliability
Organizer Xiaoyan Zhu
Chair Xiaoyan Zhu
Author(s) Ali Riza Bozbulut and Serkan Eryilmaz
Title Reliability Importance in Weighted-k-out-of-n Systems
Author(s) Shubin Si, Ning Wang, and Hongyan Dui
Title Protection for the Effects of the External Factors on System Reliability
Author(s) Shuai Zhang, Jiangbin Zhao, Zhiqiang Cai, Hongguang Li, and Shubin Si
Title Reliability Optimization of Cir/Con/k/n System

June 3rd

Room A

Session ID 3A1(35)
Invited Session Stochastic Orders in Reliability Theory
Organizer Maochao Xu
Chair Peng Zhao
Author(s) Peng Zhao
Title Redundancy Allocation at Component Level Versus System Level
Author(s) Weiyong Ding and Gaofeng Da
Title Component Level Versus System Level k-out-of-n Assembly Systems
Author(s) Weiyong Ding and Xiaoliang Ling
Title On the Skewness of Extreme Order Statistics from Heterogenous Samples
Session ID 3A2(12)
Invited Session Lifetime Data Analysis
Organizer Mei-Ling Ting Lee
Chair Shu-Hui Chang
Author(s) A. Adam Ding, Jin-Jian Hsieh, and Weijing Wang
Title Estimating Covariate Effects on Association for Bivariate Survival Data Through Local Linear Method
Author(s) Deng-Huang Su, Tsung-Chiung Fu, and Shu-Hui Chang
Title Nonparametric Association Analysis of Recurrent Gap Time Data with a Terminal Event
Author(s) Jianguo Sun
Title Regression Analysis of Dependent Current Status Data Under the Proportional Hazards Model

Room B

Session ID 3B1(8)
Invited Session Censoring Methodology and Associated Inferential Results
Organizer Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Chair Ping Shing Chan
Author(s) William Volterman
Title Pooling Censored Samples: an Overview
Author(s) Chih Chun Tsai, Chien-Tai Lin, and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Title Optimal Design for Accelerated-stress Acceptance Test Based on Wiener Process
Author(s) Hideki Nagatsuka and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Title On Parameter Estimation for the Generalized Pareto Distribution
Session ID 3B2(9)
Invited Session Computational Methods in Reliability
Organizer Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Chair Chien-Tai Lin
Author(s) Yandan Yang, Hon Keung Tony Ng, and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Title A Stochastic Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for the Analysis of System Lifetime Data with Known Signature
Author(s) Anna Dembińska
Title Discrete Order Statistics for Non-Identically Distributed Variates with Applications to Reliablity
Author(s) Toshinari Kamakura and Takenori Sakumura
Title Likelihood-based Inference on Weibull Distribution

Room C

Session ID 3C1(30)
Invited Session Software System Reliability II
Organizer Tadashi Dohi
Chair Xiao Xiao
Author(s) Mitsuhiro Kimura, Naomichi Hata, and Takaji Fujiwara
Title Hidden Markov Analysis for Software Testing Performance Evaluation Based on Two-stage Testing by Two Teams
Author(s) Shinji Inoue and Shigeru Yamada
Title On Multiple Changes of Testing-environment in Software Reliability Assessment
Author(s) Qingpei Hu and Lujia Wang
Title Statistical Analysis of Software Reliability Growth Considering Detection and Correction
Session ID 3C2(31)
Invited Session Software System Reliability III
Organizer Tadashi Dohi
Chair Hiroyuki Okamura
Author(s) Yoshinobu Tamura and Shigeru Yamada
Title Three Dimensional Wiener Processes Model and Optimal Software Maintenance Planning
Author(s) Mamoru Ohara and Satoshi Fukumoto
Title A Note on Rejuvenation in Time Warp-Based Distributed Systems
Author(s) Mitsutaka Kimura, Mitsuhiro Imaizumi, and Toshio Nakagawa
Title Reliability Modelling of Distributed Communication Processing for a Cloud System with Data Updates

Room D

Session ID 3D1(4)
Invited Session Analysis of Imperfect Reliability and Survival Data I
Organizer Hon Keung Tony Ng
Chair Man-Ho Ling
Author(s) Man Lai Tang and Hon Keung Tony Ng
Title Sequential Nonparametric Procedures for Testing the Equality of Two Lifetime Distributions
Author(s) Zhisheng Ye
Title New Estimating Equations for the Gamma Distribution
Author(s) Xingqiu Zhao, Yuanshan Wu, and Guosheng Yin
Title Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimation for a General Class of Accelerated Hazards Models with Bundled Parameters
Session ID 3D2(10)
Invited Session Deterioration Models
Organizer Sophie Mercier
Chair Sophie Mercier
Author(s) Ji Hwan Cha, Inmaculada T. Castro, and Carmen Sangüesa
Title Assessment of a Condition-based Maintenance Strategy for a System Subject to Degradation Failures and Catastrophic Failures Sharing an Initial Common Source
Author(s) Christian Paroissin
Title Inference for the Wiener Process with Random Initiation Time
Author(s) Sophie Mercier, Anne Barros, and Antoine Grall
Title A Multivariate Degradation Model with Dependence Due to Shocks

Room E

Session ID 3E1(14)
Invited Session Maintenance Modeling II
Organizer Tetsushi Yuge
Chair Tetsushi Yuge
Author(s) Tomohiro Kitagawa, Tetsushi Yuge, and Shigeru Yanagi
Title Non-Periodic Inspection and Replacement Policy for a Multi-unit One-shot System with Minimal Perair
Author(s) Xufeng Zhao, Khalifa N. Al-Khalifa, Won Young Yun, and Toshio Nakagawa
Title Optimal Undertime Replacement Polices with Random Working Cycles
Author(s) Ferenc Szidarovszky, Harry Guo, Akio Matsumoto, and Miklós Szidarovszky
Title Age Replacement with Competing Failure Modes
Session ID 3E2(15)
Invited Session Maintenance Modeling III
Organizer Tetsushi Yuge
Chair Mingchih Chen
Author(s) Kodo Ito and Toshio Nakagawa
Title A Stochastic Model of Commercial Airframe Maintenance
Author(s) Mingchih Chen, Cunhua Qian, Xufeng Zhao, and Toshio Nakagawa
Title Discrete Replacement Models with Works and Failures
Author(s) Satoshi Mizutani and Toshio Nakagawa
Title Extended Replacement Overtime Policies for Job with a Finite Number of Works

Room F

Session ID 3F1(3)
Invited Session Aging and Maintenance in Technical and Biological Systems
Organizer Maxim Finkelstein
Chair Maxim Finkelstein
Author(s) Maxim Finkelstein and Ilya Gertsbakh
Title Preventive Maintenance of Systems Described by Signatures
Author(s) Mahmood Shafiee, Maxim Finkelstein, and Christophe Berenguer
Title On Stochastic Modelling of Maintenance for Continuously Monitored Systems Subject to Multiple Deterioration and External Shocks
Session ID 3F2(I-7(5))
Contributed Session Decision Making in Reliability
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Cheng-Ta Yeh (#1) Nasser Hassan Abosaq (#2)
Author(s) Zongke He, Zhengrong Shen, and Debin Cheng
Title Design of Reliability Testing Plans for a Condensed System Based on Equal Acceptance Probability
Author(s) Cheng-Ta Yeh
Title Reliability Evaluation for a Multi-source Multi-sink Logistics Network with Stochastic Capacity
Author(s) Yunyan Xing and Ping Jiang
Title A Sequential Testing Method for Binomial Products in Varying Population Development
Author(s) Nasser Abosaq and Krishnan Subramaniam
Title Enhance Prediction of Software Failure Times by Removing the Outliers
Author(s) Francisco Germán Badía and Carmen Sangüesa
Title Inventory Models with Stochastic Lead Times and Queueing Systems; Applications of Shape Properties of Randomly Stopped Counting Process

Room G

Session ID 3G1(38)
Invited Session Theory and Methods for System Reliability
Organizer Lirong Cui
Chair Lirong Cui
Author(s) Hongyan Dui and Liwei Chen
Title Integrated Importance Measure of System Survivability in Multi-state Protection Systems
Author(s) Xujie Jia and Aoxue Su, Shangwei Zhao, and Zhongping Li
Title Reliability Analysis of the Life Dependent Safety-critical System with Three-states Based on Copula
Author(s) Zhiqiang Cai, Yang Li, Shubin Si, and Lili Zhang
Title Reliability Analysis of a Three Node WSN Model
Author(s) Lirong Cui, Yan Li, and Jingyuan Shen
Title On Some Problems for Aggregated Stochastic Processes in Reliability
Session ID 3G2(I-4(6))
Contributed Session System Reliability
Organizer (MMR2015 PC)
Chair Annamraju Syamsundar (#1)
Author(s) Ronghua Wang, Xiaoling Xu, and Beiqing Gu
Title Depiction of Exponential Distribution by Using Order Statistics
Author(s) Syamsundar Annamraju
Title Assessing Reliability of Large and Complex Industrial Repairable Systems Using Multi Level Modelling and Big Data
Author(s) Wei-Chang Yeh, Haw-Sheng Wu, and Chyh-Ming Lai
Title A Novel 2D Binary-state Angle Network and its Reliability Evaluation
Author(s) S. B. Singh and Khushal Singh Bohra
Title Evaluating Fuzzy System Reliability Using Intuitinistic Fuzzy Exponential Lifetime Distribution
Author(s) Zhiguo Zeng, Qingyuan Zhang, Yunxia Chen, and Rui Kang
Title Reliability Box as a Tool for Reliability Analysis in Presence of Epistemic Uncertainty
Author(s) Withdrawn
Title Withdrawn

June 4th

Room A

Session ID 4A1(39)
Invited Session Warranty Data Analysis
Organizer Stefanka Chukova and Yu Hayakawa
Chair Yu Hayakawa
Author(s) Bharatendra Rai
Title Warranty Spend Prediction for Failures Influenced by Seasonality
Author(s) Xin Wang and Zhisheng Ye
Title Warranty Data Analysis Concerning Report Behaviour of Customers
Author(s) Stefanka Chukova and Yu Hayakawa
Title Auto Warranty Data: Estimation of the Mean Cumulative Function

Room B

Session ID 4B1(37)
Invited Session Structural Reliability and Aging Properties of Reliability Systems
Organizer Markos V. Koutras
Chair Markos V. Koutras
Author(s) Serkan Eryilmaz
Title Some Results on Aging Properties and Stochastic Orders of Multi-state Systems
Author(s) Fotios S. Milienos, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, and Markos V. Koutras
Title On the Start-up Demonstration Test Theory
Author(s) Markos V. Koutras, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, and Fotios S. Milienos
Title Mixed Start-up Demonstration Tests

Room C

Session ID 4C1(32)
Invited Session Software System Reliability IV
Organizer Tadashi Dohi
Chair Mitsuhiro Kimura
Author(s) Mitsuhiro Imaizumi and Mitsutaka Kimura
Title Optimal Management Policy for a Control System Considering Security
Author(s) Syouji Nakamura, Xufeng Zhao, and Toshio Nakagawa
Title Optimal Sever Number of m-out-of-n System with n Servers for m Jobs
Author(s) Shunsuke Tokumoto and Tadashi Dohi
Title Interval Estimation of Optimal Software Rejuvenation Policy

Room D

Session ID 4D1(5)
Invited Session Analysis of Imperfect Reliability and Survival Data II
Organizer Hon Keung Tony Ng
Chair Hon Keung Tony Ng
Author(s) Man-Ho Ling, Hon Yiu So, and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Title Analysis for One-shot Device Testing Data with Competing Risks
Author(s) Feng Su, Xiaojun Zhu, and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Title Exact Likelihood Inference for Two Exponential Populations Based on Joint Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censoring
Author(s) Ping Shing Chan, Peng Zhao, and Hon Keung Tony Ng
Title Optimal Allocation of Redundancies in Series Systems

Room E

Session ID 4E1(25)
Invited Session Determining Reliability in Complex Engineered Systems
Organizer Tim Bedford
Chair Tim Bedford
Author(s) Tim Bedford, Athena Zitrou, Lesley Walls, Kevin Wilson, and Keith Bell
Title Managing Systemic Reliability Challenges for Offshore Windfarms
Author(s) Takeshi Matsuoka
Title An Exact Method for Solving Loop Structured System in Reliability Analysis

Room F

Session ID 4F1(26)
Invited Session Repairable Systems
Organizer Paul Kvam and Vasiliy Krivtsov
Chair Paul Kvam
Author(s) Vasiliy Krivtsov, Michael Frankstein, and Alex Yevkin
Title Recurrent Repair Analysis of Sibling Components
Author(s) Bo Henry Lindqvist and Zeytu Gashaw Asfaw
Title Extending Minimal Repair Models for Repairable Systems: A Comparison of Dynamic and Heterogeneous Extensions of a Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process
Author(s) Edsel A. Peña and Piaomu Liu
Title Joint Dynamic Modeling of Recurrent Competing Risks and a Terminal Event

Room G

Session ID 4G1(23)
Invited Session Optimization Methods in Systems Reliability Theory
Organizer Hisashi Yamamoto and Won Young Yun
Chair Won Young Yun
Author(s) Won Young Yun, Young Jin Han, and Won Seok Jeon
Title Preventive Maintenance Intervals for a Multi-unit System
Author(s) Tomoaki Akiba, Natsumi Takahashi, and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title Reliability of 3-Dimensional Consecutive-k System
Author(s) Xiao Xiao, Natsumi Takahashi, Yi Chen, and Hisashi Yamamoto
Title Reconsideration of Network Types - the cases of e=n+1, e=n+2 and e=n+3 -
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