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Call for Papers to Special Issues

Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan

Special Issue on Recent Advances in Reliability and Maintenance Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan (JORSJ)

Scope: Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan (JORSJ), which was launched in 1957, has a long history and is regarded as one of leading journals in Operations Research and Management Science. Recently, it has been completely shifted to an Open Access Journal which consists of only English papers, and received considerable attentions of OR/MS researchers and practitioners in the world. This time we are very pleased to inform that the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Reliability and Maintenance will be published in JORSJ, October Issue, 2016. All researchers and practitioners who are working in reliability and maintenance field are invited to submit their latest research results to this opportunity. In this special issue, the focus will be on new and innovative techniques that support the development of highly reliable and safe systems in engineering and management field. Empirical researches are also welcome if they are well-balanced by both of theory and practice.

The topics of interest for the special issue, but are not limited, are as follows:

Reliability Modeling and Optimization

  • Coherent Systems
  • Multi State and Dependent Components
  • Reliability Optimization
  • Preventive Maintenance Modeling
  • Minimal and General Repair Processes
  • Shock and Damage Processes
  • Degradation Modeling
  • Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Reliability and Maintenance Simulation

Reliability Statistics

  • Theory of Lifetime Distributions
  • Estimation and Statistical Tests
  • Survival Data Analysis
  • Warranty Analysis Manufacturing
  • Bayesian Reliability
  • Accelerated Life Testing


  • Hardware and Software Systems
  • Computer and Communication Systems
  • Dependable Computing
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Information Security
  • Service Computing and Engineering
  • Human Reliability
  • Design for Six Sigma and Quality Assurance
  • Production/Inventory Systems
  • Reliability Physics

Paper Submission Details: Authors are invited to submit original research contributions through the journal’s manuscript central, where they are requested to specify this special issue in the column of ``Comments to the Editorial Office’’. Without this, their papers will not be sent to the review process in the special issue. Papers that are extensions of conference publications must contain new materials, so it must be clearly stated that the manuscript is an extension of a previously published work. All submissions are peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Since the number of accepted papers is limited in this special issue, some good papers, which can be potentially accepted if the revisions are sufficiently made, may be rejected but recommended for the contributors to submit the manuscripts to regular issues.

Important Dates:

  1. Submission deadline: August 31, 2015
  2. First round notification: December 31, 2015
  3. Revised submission deadline: March 30, 2016
  4. Final notification: May 31, 2016

Guest Editors (alphabetical)

  • Tadashi Dohi *, Department of Information Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Fumio Ohi, Department of Scientific and Engineering Simulation, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

*Contact Guest Editor:

Journal of Computational Science

Special Issue on Computational Reliability in Engineering and Science

Journal of Computational Science (JoCS)

Elsevier Publishers

SCOPE: Reliability is one of the most fundamental attributes in quality metrics, and receives considerable attentions in all engineering and computer science fields. Since the modern systems in mechatronics, electronic and electrical engineering, computer science, chemical plant and process engineering, structural engineering, etc. are large scaled and much complex, efforts to assess the system reliability are becoming large as well. In fact, we often encounter serious computational problems in reliability, safety and maintenance practices. Computational reliability focuses on the computational aspects to assess reliability, maintainability and safety of complex systems quantitatively and efficiently.

In this special issue we focus on Computational Reliability in Engineering and Science. The 2015 International 9th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability (MMR 2015) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, June 1-4, 2015, which is one of core conferences in reliability engineering. Based on the outstanding papers presented in MMR 2015, we plan to edit a special issue of the Journal of Computational Science (Elsevier Publishers). The manuscripts submitted to the journal special issue should be substantial extensions of the original conference papers in order to be independent of the conference proceedings.

Topics on all the computational aspects arising in reliability, safety and maintenance engineering include, but are not limited to:

  • Reliability assessment for complex systems (mechanical systems, electronic and electrical systems, computer systems, telecommunication systems, chemical plants, structured systems)
  • Process control and management techniques for reliability (accelerating life testing, statistical quality control, maintenance planning)
  • Reliability design and optimization algorithms (linear and nonlinear programing, combinatorial optimization, dynamic programing, meta heuristics, nature-inspired computing, computational complexity)
  • High performance computing in reliability and safety (large scaled Markov chain analysis, FTA, FPGA application, distributed and parallel algorithms)
  • Survivability analysis (statistical inference, field data analysis, statistical hypothesis test, time series analysis)
  • Simulation (rare-event simulation, Markov chain Mont Carlo, importance sampling)
  • Machine learning (regression analysis, clustering, SVM, PCA, decision tree, wavelet, neural computing, reinforcement learning, Bayesian network)
  • Big data analysis (cyber physical systems, cloud service and computing, data mining, repository data utilization)


  • July 31, 2015: First submission date (open date of EES)
  • September 30, 2015: Paper submission due date for the special issue
  • December 31, 2015: Revision due date in the first round of review
  • June 30, 2016: Notification of acceptance/rejection of the special issue papers

INSTRUCTION OF THE AUTHORS: Authors are strongly encouraged to present their papers in MMR 2015, June 1-4, 2015, Tokyo, Japan, but are not mandatory for inclusion of them in the special issue. The authors should submit their manuscripts (p.d.f. files) with significant extension through the journal’s electric submission site (EES), before the submission due date. In preparing their manuscripts, the authors are requested to check carefully the Instructions to Authors on the journal homepage and should follow these instructions completely with a given format. Otherwise, manuscripts may be rejected and returned to the authors without review. Each paper will be peer-reviewed by two referees.


  • Tadashi Dohi, Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan, Email:
  • Hisashi Yamamoto, Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University, E-mail:
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