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 ==== Key Dates ==== ==== Key Dates ====
 |30 November 2014|Invited session proposal due| |30 November 2014|Invited session proposal due|
-|<​del>​31 December 2014</​del><​html><​br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​20 January ​2015</​span></​html>​|Extended abstract ​submission ​due<​html><​br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​Submission closed</​span></​html>​| +|<​del>​31 December 2014</​del><​html><​br>​20 January 2015</​html>​|Extended abstract submission due (Extended once, then closed)| 
-|<​del>​2 February 2015</​del>​<html><br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​15 February ​2015</​span></​html>​|Confirmation and acceptance of extended abstracts<html><br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​Extended ​for us</​span></​html>​+|<​del>​2 February 2015</​del><​html><​br>​15 February 2015</​html>​|Confirmation and acceptance of extended abstracts (Extended once)| 
-|28 February 2015|Extended abstract camera ready due|+|<​del>​28 February 2015</​del><​html><​br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​16 March 2015</​span></​html>​|Extended abstract ​camera ready due <​html><​br><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​Extended</​span></​html>​| 
 +|<​html><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​16 March 2015</​span></​html>​|<​html><​span style="​color:#​FF0000">​Registration due for presenters</​span></​html>​|
 |1 April 2015|Program announcement| ​ |1 April 2015|Program announcement| ​
 |1 - 4 June 2015|MMR2015 Conference| |1 - 4 June 2015|MMR2015 Conference|
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