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   * Shu Yamada ([[http://​​english/​|Univ. of Tsukuba]])   * Shu Yamada ([[http://​​english/​|Univ. of Tsukuba]])
   * Hisashi Yamamoto ([[http://​​english/​|Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.]])   * Hisashi Yamamoto ([[http://​​english/​|Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.]])
-  * Shinji Yokogawa (Sub-chair, [[http://​​english/​|Polytechnic Univ.]])+  * Shinji Yokogawa (Vice-chair, [[http://​​english/​|Polytechnic Univ.]])
   * Masahiro Yokoyama ([[http://​​english/​|Chuo Univ.]])   * Masahiro Yokoyama ([[http://​​english/​|Chuo Univ.]])
   * Tetsushi Yuge ([[http://​​nda/​english/​index.html|National Defense Academy]])   * Tetsushi Yuge ([[http://​​nda/​english/​index.html|National Defense Academy]])
   * Lu Jin ([[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])   * Lu Jin ([[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])
   * Watalu Yamamoto ([[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])   * Watalu Yamamoto ([[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])
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