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   * Mitsuhiro Kimura ([[http://​​english/​|Hosei Univ.]])   * Mitsuhiro Kimura ([[http://​​english/​|Hosei Univ.]])
   * Hideki Nagatsuka ([[http://​​english/​|Chuo Univ.]])   * Hideki Nagatsuka ([[http://​​english/​|Chuo Univ.]])
 +  * Fumio Ohi ([[http://​​|Nagoya Institute of Technology]])
   * Hiroyuki Okamura ([[http://​​index.html|Hiroshima Univ.]])   * Hiroyuki Okamura ([[http://​​index.html|Hiroshima Univ.]])
-  * Dr. Masahiro Shimazaki ([[https://​​language/​EN/​|Akita Pref. Univ.]]) +  * Masahiro Shimazaki ([[https://​​language/​EN/​|Akita Pref. Univ.]]) 
-  * Prof. Kazuyuki Suzuki (Chair, [[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])+  * Kazuyuki Suzuki (Chair, [[http://​​eng/​|Univ. of Electro-Communications]])
   * Nobuyuki Tamura ([[http://​​english/​|Hosei Univ.]])   * Nobuyuki Tamura ([[http://​​english/​|Hosei Univ.]])
   * Yoshinobu Tamura ([[http://​​english.html|Yamaguchi Univ.]])   * Yoshinobu Tamura ([[http://​​english.html|Yamaguchi Univ.]])
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